Tips to Maximize The Nest Thermostat Potential for Saving on Energy

nest learning thermostatThe Nest thermostat is so easy to use that it controls the temperature of your house even if you forgot to set your thermostat to Away mode when you’re on a business trip. It’s the latest technology that adjusts itself according to your schedule and you can control it from your smart phone. It can even help you lower your cooling bills when you teach it how to do it.

Tips on how to use nest thermostat to help you save on energy bills

  1. Use the auto-away and manual away modes.
    When the temperature within your home reaches a certain temperature corresponding to the setup you’ve chosen, it’ll automatically turn off the system. It lowers the temperature to help you save more.
    But you must not set it to “too low” as it can affect the health of your pets and plants in your home.
  2. Turn its Away mode when leaving your house for a few weeks
    You can set nest thermostat to its Away mode when you’re on a vacation and you’ll be back after a few weeks. It can help you maximize your savings. When you manually set it to Away, the Auto-Away mode will be turned down when you’re gone. However, if it senses that there’s activity within your house, it can start warming up your residence.
  3. Tell the nest thermostat to keep the temperature down at night
    This is another way to save energy while you’re asleep. When you’re sleeping, turn your room’s temperature down and this appliance will learn this habit after a few nights. Once it has picked up the habit, it’ll start doing it for you without you having to adjust it manually.
  4. Use its mobile app
    To have better control over the temperature within your house, you can access nest thermostat’s mobile app and adjust your thermostat using a smartphone. The app can help you change the temp or adjust your schedule you have set up. The mobile app can be installed on any smart phone.

There are other ways that a nest thermostat can help you in lowering your energy bills. You just need to look into the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to save on cooling and heating bills. It’s a great tool to lower your energy use when the city is knee-deep in snow. Of course, you can’t expect it to control the weather outside. What it can control is the temperature inside your house.

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How To Decide On Grinding Stages for your Garbage Disposal

Garbage DisposalThere are many garbage disposal systems available in the market with different grinding stages. In order to find out exactly how many grinding stages you need for your kitchen, keep reading the discussion below.

1 Grinding Stage:

Garbage disposers with only 1 grinding stage are the most basic and the cheapest ones. Since this is the only stage for breaking down waste, a lot of water needs to be passed in order to push the waste down the pipe. These are best if your kitchen generates limited amounts of fairly regular wastes.

2 Grinding Stages:

Much more than the single grinding stage disposers, garbage disposal systems with 2 grinding stages can liquefy thee waste making it very easier to pass them down the pipe. These are perfect if you generate moderate to large amount of waste in the kitchen.

3 Grinding Stages:

These are the absolute best garbage disposers you will find but the costliest ones as well. The 3 grinding stages can effectively break down rice, bones and other fibrous or hard waste without breaking a sweat.

So there was a brief discussion about the different grinding stages of garbage disposers and how to choose one for your home. Get the right one and keep your kitchen dirt free.

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